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Pam Pachinger, Trustee

Pam is first and foremost a mother of three beautiful children including twin girls with autism. Pam is married to a wonderful and supportive husband. Her journey with her daughter's autism has led her in many different directions.

Pam started as a volunteer in her daughter's classroom and was then driven to become a substitute classroom assistant in classrooms for children with special needs. Pam has attended the five day TEACCH workshop which gave her an even more in-depth understanding of autism and the power of visuals. Pam was the head fundraiser for the first special needs vacation which was sponsored by Share A Vision.

Because of Pam's unique talent for reaching out to other parents of children with special needs, she has developed a wide network of parents who all look to her for support and direction. Pam currently serves as a support person to teachers and parents in the Mentor Autism Resource Center.